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    Life Certain Strategies - Senior Resource Of Colorado for Seniors and Caregivers

    Life Certain Wealth Strategies is committed to serving the financial planning needs of individuals and small business owners by offering access to fee-based wealth management and financial planning services. The comprehensiveness and depth of our planning makes us unique in the service we provide to our clients.

    Our team approach and the collective experience of our professional team, allows us to specialize in providing comprehensive, integrated, personalized solutions to the financial challenges faced by our clients. The personalized solutions we provide translate into measurable and meaningful results for the clients that we work with. We also add value to our services by keeping abreast of industry and legislative changes and through our commitment to continuing education. We are committed to establishing trust, respect, and a lasting partnership with each client. We value our long-term client relationships as advisors and partners.

    Our affiliation with an independent broker-dealer means there are few restrictions on the investments we are able to offer clients. With the vast array of choices available, that independence is extremely important to providing unbiased knowledgeable advice designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Our personal attention and experience as professional and comprehensive financial planners will assist you in reaching your financial goals.

    Services We Provide

    Retirement Planning: Comprehensive retirement planning is multidimensional; it requires consideration of a diverse array of lifestyle choices involving health care, housing, income, and estate planning. As a result of individuals retiring earlier and living longer the average retiree will spend about one-third of his/her adult life in retirement. Good retirement planning will help assure financial independence during the retirement years while maintaining the pre-retirement standard of living.

    Investment Planning: Many people become overwhelmed when faced with the ever-increasing number of financial products available. A good investment plan will help you navigate this ever-increasing number of investment vehicles. The initial step is an analysis of the client’s risk tolerance. Once the desired risk profile is established, an investment program is developed. With a portfolio in place, regular reviews are scheduled to accommodate changes in the overall economic and political environments

    Estate Planning: Estate planning involves more than just tax planning. Estate creation, income replacement, and the orderly transfer of property from one generation to the next continue to be the primary objectives of most estate plans. Estate planning provides for the care of minor children, disabled children and elderly parents. It is also important to be certain there are enough life insurance proceeds, liquid assets, and other sources of income to maintain the family’s current living standard.

    Stock Option Exercise Planning: Options are one of riskiest and most complicated investments you can own. If you make good decisions about crucial issues of when to exercise and when to sell, they can bring great wealth. If you make poor decisions, they can be the source of incredible heartache.

    Insurance Planning: An Insurance program should be a part of every family’s total financial plan. Insurance is the foundation of financial security for you and your family. It protects your financial resources against the uncertainties of life so you can plan for the future. It is also important to periodically reassess your insurance coverage. Over time, your insurance needs are likely to change. Insurance companies offer innovations and riders that might be applicable to your situation. Reevaluating your insurance can lead to lower premiums with coverage better suited to your situation.

    Portfolio Review: It is important to stay focused on your personal financial goals – and not become emotionally attached to the securities you own. It is important to periodically conduct a comprehensive review of your portfolio and your asset allocation plan, which includes discussing and reassessing your overall personal goals. We help provide an objective view of your current portfolio and point out areas that may benefit from repositioning. The portfolio review may raise important questions concerning: Yield enhancement, International Diversification, Sector Allocation, Concentrated Position, Income, Fixed Income Allocation, Fixed Income Maturities, etc..

    Employer Sponsored Plan Review: If your company sponsors a retirement plan, the owners officers and directors should understand their responsibilities for managing this employee benefit. To fulfill their duties, the owners, officers and directors need to be aware of their responsibilities as fiduciaries under ERISA, the federal law that governs the management of retirement plans. Fiduciaries who do not follow ERISA’s fiduciary guidelines are personally responsible for violations of those rules, known as fiduciary breaches. This means that if you commit a fiduciary breach, you may lose your personal assets, your home and your business. Our employer sponsored plan review will help you:

    • Understand the fiduciary rules and regulations
    • Identify possible weaknesses concerning the operation of your plan
    • Better meet all of your fiduciary obligations