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    Welcome to Stack Optical – Colorado’s Premier Optical Service!

    For over 46 years as an independently owned optical business, Stack Optical Services has given our clients the personal attention that their eyes deserve. Our team of Allen Stack, Damian Linenberger and Dr. MacMillan each have over 30 years of valuable experience in the optical industry – we are true professionals, and we can help give you the best in eye exams and eyeglasses.

    Eye Glasses, Contacts and Eye Exams:
    At Stack Optical Service, we promise to take more than an hour to make your eyeglasses. That is because there are over 50 steps taken in manufacturing your eye glasses. We are constantly refining them as new products come on the market. With over 46 years of being in business, we know that having our own lab on the premises not only keeps the time a person has to wait for glasses to a minimum, but it also ensures better quality and higher patient satisfaction.

    Stack Optical Service has had a long standing reputation for being a leader when it comes to optical technology in eyeglasses. We are constantly researching the latest in eyeglass frames and eye glass lenses, coatings, tints etc.

    We know that in addition to wanting your eyeglass lenses custom-created using the latest technology, that you also want to look good! That is why we carry some of the leading brands in the industry:

    • Vera Wang
    • Ultrapalm
    • Clipteck
    • Silhouette
    • Flexon
    • Costa del Mar
    • Cazal

    Or, if you need contacts, we’ll order them right away and you can either pick them up or even have them shipped directly to your home or office:

    • Bifocal
    • Toric
    • Daily wear
    • Disposable
    • Rigid gas permeable

    Our selection of eyeglasses and eyewear is unique and is focused on the quality of both the lens and the frame. We will give you a true custom fit that the competition simply cannot provide.

    At Stack Optical, we have access to all of the same contact lens brands as other stores, but where we really shine is in our personal attentive service that is often so hard to find these days. We remember you, and as your contacts need changed, we will be here. Our prices are very competitive and usually lower than the competition, so please give us a call today to see how we can help you.

    With over 46 years of being in business, we know that having access to the most modern technology combined with one on one personal service, leads to the highest patient satisfaction with their contacts.

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